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Controlling sheep lice will be made easier with the launch of LiceBoss in December 2007, a new online support tool created by scientists from DPIPWE and others across Australia, supported by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

LiceBoss is a computerised decision support system that helps woolgrowers estimate the probability of lice infestation, estimate the degree of wool loss and offer suggestions on available chemicals and expected residue levels.

Lice cost Australian woolgrowers more than $120m annually, with high control costs, reduction of fleece weight and poor wool quality.

The LiceBoss website has information to help woolgrowers reduce that cost and manage these parasites in the most economical and beneficial way.

In addition to decision support modules, LiceBoss has information sheets on various aspects related to lice control, including lice biology and biosecurity.

LiceBoss is available now at www.liceboss.com.au