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Dairy Industry

Cows/faf_ip_cowsfield.jpgThe dairy industry in Tasmania is of major significance to both the agricultural and manufacturing sectors of the State, as well as being an important export industry. Over 90% of the milk produced in Tasmania is manufactured into dairy products and the balance is consumed in the State as liquid milk.

Under the Dairy Industry Act 1994 the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) issues and monitors the conditions of licences for dairy farms, factories and vendors. Licensees must comply with the Tasmanian Code of Practice for Dairy Food Safety. In addition, dairy farmers must comply with the Code of Practice for Farm Dairy Premises and the Code of Practice for Managing Dairy Effluent together with any company requirements. The TDIA also acts as the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service authorised agent for Tasmania's dairy exporters to facilitate export to overseas countries.

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Cattle Breed Societies

Provides links to various cattle breed societies.

Dairy Effluent Guidelines (DPIPWE)

Dairy effluent is a useful resource with value as a fertiliser and soil conditioner, but there are guidelines that must be followed to ensure health and safety of livestock and workers.

Field Days - visit the Calendar of Events

For information on field days visit the Calendar of Events.
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Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit

AGBU's work has greatly assisted the improvement of livestock through breeding in Australia and overseas. A vibrant scientific program continues with regular publication of research results in scientific journals. However, its main purpose is to meet ongoing demands from Australia's livestock industries for research, development and training in genetics.

Animal Health Australia

Animal Health Australia (AHA) is a not-for-profit public company established by the Australian, state and territory governments and major national livestock industry organisations. AHA's mission is to ensure that the national animal health system delivers a competitive advantage and preferred market access for Australia's livestock industries.

Animal health cost-benefit calculator (MLA)

The Animal Health cost-benefit calculator has been developed to help you work out the benefit of applying an animal health treatment to your herd for bloat, clostridial diseases and grass tetany.

Animal Welfare and the Tasmanian Dairy Industry

The revised Dairy Welfare Guide released by DPIPWE.

Australia's Red Meat Integrity System

A system of food safety measures, quality assurance and traceability from paddock to plate, guarantees the integrity of Australia’s $22.9 billion red meat industry.

Australian Dairy Farmers

Australian Dairy Farmers is the national voice of Australia's dairy farmers, providing strong leadership and representation for the continued growth of internationally competitive, innovative and sustainable dairy farm businesses.

Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme

The Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS) is an initiative of the Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) maintaining a national database of performance and pedigree details for individual dairy animals.

Bovine Pestivirus in Tasmania

Information on Bovine Pestivirus including diagnostics, risks and management information.

Buying and Selling Cattle in Tasmania

The National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) is Australia’s system for the identification and tracing of livestock.

Calving histogram calculator (MLA)

The calving histogram has been developed to help producers measure the calving performance of their herds.

Cattle yards and equipment (DPI NSW)

Provides a number of links to cattle yard design and equipment.

Countdown Downunder

Countdown offers a clear path forward in the complex control of Mastitis.


CowTime can help farmers improve their milk harvesting process by showing how to spend less time in the dairy, save money on labour or decide on the dairy improvements that are right for your circumstances.

Dairy Australia

Dairy Australia delivers the services needed by the Australian dairy industry for its ongoing and future development as a competitive, innovative and sustainable dairy industry that contributes to the overall prosperity of Australian and regional economies.

Dairying for Tomorrow

A national strategy for the dairy industry to work with community partners, to sustain its natural resources.


DairyTas is the Tasmanian service delivery arm of Dairy Australia. The aim is to identify, prioritise, promote, facilitate and leverage opportunities for research, development and extension activities in the Tasmanian dairy industry.


Dairyweb is a web-based communications solution that enables dairy organisations to improve their communications with dairy farmers. Dairyweb provides a range of services and tools that enable organisations to streamline their communications with their milk suppliers and for dairy farmers to conveniently access important business information.

Future Dairy

FutureDairy is a research and extension program to help Australia’s dairy farmers manage the challenges they are likely to face during the next 20 years.

Holstein Australia

Useful information on the breed, cattle sales, the association and its projects.

InCalf Book and Other Tools (Dairy Australia)

'Incalf' is a national learning program to achieve measured improvement in herd reproductive performance, developed by Dairy Australia.

IntoDairy Tasmania

Website containing information on the Tasmanian dairy industry including climate, careers, investment opportunties and pasture production.

NLIS Allflex tags

Provides a link to the order forms for Allflex NLIS tags. Return the completed forms to livestock agents, who will then forward them on for processing.

People in Dairy

This site is designed to assist dairy farmers to get the best outcomes from the people in their businesses.

Stock Underpass Pilot Program (June 2017)

The Tasmanian Government has announced a Stock Underpass Pilot Program to help dairy farmers improve road and farm safety.

Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme

Provides assistance to shippers of eligible goods, transported by sea between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, with the aim of reducing the freight cost disadvantage imposed by Bass Strait.

Temple Grandin's Web Page (USA)

Information on livestock behaviour and the design of livestock facilities.