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Farm Management

This area of the FarmPoint website deals with the practical management issues on the farm.

Property Management Systems Framework
Property planning is the term used to describe the initial planning process where land managers (often assisted by other organisations), develop a property management plan (PMP). The plan describes how certain aspects of an enterprise will be managed. When additional issues such as a business plan, an OH&S plan, or environmental management system are added to the property management plan, it becomes a property management system (PMS).

Tools, information and calculators that can help with a coordinated approach to farm management planning can be found on on FarmPoint's Property Management Planning and Land Resource Management page.  

Another area of the website, Farm Business and Trade, deals with planning, record keeping, income management, taxation, insurance, employment, licenses, marketing, exporting, etc. 

For recent items, go to the News section of FarmPoint website. 

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Crops and Pastures
Market Reports
Natural Resource Management
Crop and livestock gross margins

Farmer Groups and Production Programs

There are a number of grower-focussed and groups in many Tasmanian farming communities across a range of commodities.

Gene Technology

Information about the debate and decision-making on gene technology.

Livestock Management

Useful livestock management tools and information.

Machinery and farm equipment

Provides links that relate to agricultural machinery and farm equipment.

Maps and mapping tools

Mapping tools for farm management.

Organic Farming

Organic farms can be found across Tasmania and are involved in varying enterprises from wine to sheep's cheese. Includes information on converting to organic farming.

Property Management Planning and Land Resource Management

Land is often managed for multiple benefits, such as agricultural production, biodiversity conservation and water quality. To ensure long-term sustainability, land managers need to consider economic, social and environmental factors.

Weed management

Comprehensive information on weeds, their identification and best methods of control.

Climate change and energy efficiency information

Information, calculation tools and fact sheets on climate change and energy efficiency relevant to Tasmania

Electronic Bobby Calf National Vendor Declarations (NVDs)

Bobby Calf NVDs can now be generated from home computers using free software available through Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

Field Days - visit the Calendar of Events

For information on field days visit the Calendar of Events.
  Links (FarmPoint is not responsible for the content of the websites linked to below. The link does not constitute any form of endorsement.)

Common White Snail in Tasmania

Latest developments and information on the White Snail outbreak that has been reported on Tasmanian properties.

Cradle Coast NRM - property management land projects

Property management plans in the Cradle Coast NRM region.

CSIRO publications

Browse and order from the full list of CSIRO publications.

Dept of Agriculture and Food (WA)

DAFWA drives the economic development of the agriculture and food sector in Western Australia, with a focus on export-led growth.

Dial Before you Dig

A free referral service for information on underground pipes and cables anywhere in Australia.

Ezigrain (SA)

Ezigrain provides topical information and a range of valuable services to assist grain growers, transporters and marketers in managing their business more effectively.

Farm Energy and Irrigation Audits

The On-farm Energy and Irrigation Audit Program provides a subsidy to assist farmers engage a qualified professional to review their farm energy use and infrastructure and systems, and to identify savings strategies.

Farm Management Deposits (FMD)

The Farm Management Deposits (FMD) scheme is a tax-linked, risk-management tool which assists primary producers to deal with variable income.

Future Dairy

FutureDairy is a research and extension program to help Australia’s dairy farmers manage the challenges they are likely to face during the next 20 years.

Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) fact sheets

Fact sheets providing information on crop management, disease and rust control.

Grasslands Society

The Grassland Society of Southern Australia Inc. is the peak farmer organisation dedicated to the transfer of information and technology related to temperate grasslands. Formed in 1959, the Society has branches in South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and southern New South Wales and welcomes new members with an interest in grassland farming.

Ground Spraying and Pest Management Licences (ChemCert)

ChemCert Accreditation courses provide training in the safe and effective use of pesticides and veterinary medicines.

Invasive Species in Tasmania

The Invasive Species Branch (ISB) has lead responsibility for terrestrial vertebrate invasive animals and all declared weeds in Tasmania. A number of new and emerging threats, as well as established invasive species, will be targeted by the ISB.

Irrigation Management in Tasmania

Irrigation management to increase production, reduce costs and to reduce impacts on the environment.

Managing Wildlife Browsing and Grazing Losses in Tasmania

Information on how to determine and implement an effective wildlife management strategy, and outlines the wildlife control methods available, including wallaby fencing.

National Farmers Federation

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is the peak industry body representing farmers and agricultural industries across Australia.

Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

The Plant Biosecurity Manual has been developed to ensure that imported plants and plant products do not pose a threat to Tasmania's primary industries, natural environment, and public health.

Precision Agriculture (GRDC)

Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) information on the adoption of precison agriculture in Australian cropping.

Residues in Food and Fibre (Tasmania)

There is a risk that some residues in agricultural and veterinary chemicals may be found in agricultural products.

Rural Solutions (SA)

South Australian Government business with a team of over 200 full-time specialist consultants who deliver tailored services and products for customers in the primary industries and manufacturing sectors.

Sheep feedlot calculator

The feedlot calculator is easy to use and allows you to make well-informed decisions about the likely financial outcome before committing yourself.

Small Farm Living Resource Centre

Small Farm Living Resource Centre prepared and maintained by NRM North.

Tasmanian Bushcare Toolkit

The Toolkit provides landowners and community groups with a comprehensive guide to the management and conservation needs of native bush. The toolkit covers a wide variety of topics including bush on your farm, different vegetation types, threatened species, revegetation and weed management.

Washdown Guidelines for Weeds and Diseases (DPIPWE)

These guidelines establish a standard for washdown and provide a guide to prescribing its application where codes of practice or other environmental management plans are not in place.

Worksafe Codes of Practice - Tasmania

Codes of practice for agricultural industries in Tasmania.