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Financial assistance

The following links may be of assistance to farmers in financial hardship.


Rural Support Network Tasmania - contacts for families seeking assistance

The Rural Support Network Tasmania (RSNT) links the various organisations providing health, finance and farming information and assistance to rural and regional communities across the State.
  Links (FarmPoint is not responsible for the content of the websites linked to below. The link does not constitute any form of endorsement.)

Centrelink assistance for rural and remote Australians

Centrelink has assistance programs for drought, farm help, accommodation and other areas.

Drought and Rural Assistance (Aust Gov)

Information about drought and rural assistance programs provided by the Australian Government.

Supporting Agricultural Communities (Aust Gov)

Assistance measures for farmers from the Australian Government.

Taxation assistance for farming areas affected by emergencies (ATO)

The Australian Taxation Office can help farmers affected by drought or other emergencies, by providing more time to lodge tax returns etc.