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Plant diseases & pests

Tasmania is fortunate to be free from many of the emergency plant pests found elsewhere around the world.  The establishment of these pests in Tasmania could have adverse impacts on the State's trade in plant products, crop productivity and quality, and the livelihood of many people.

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Cereal Diseases

Provides information on cereal diseases including symptoms, life cycles and treatments.

Pasture and Forage Pests

Pastures and fodder crop pets.
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CSIRO publications

Browse and order from the full list of CSIRO publications.

Garden Plant Disease Fact Sheets

The Plant Disease Diagnostic Service is available to both commercial and home gardeners.

Pest Genie

Pest Genie is a database specialising in information about plant protection and animal health products

Pests and Diseases Image Library

PaDIL offers high-quality colour diagnostic images and information on pests and diseases.

Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

The Plant Biosecurity Manual has been developed to ensure that imported plants and plant products do not pose a threat to Tasmania's primary industries, natural environment, and public health.

Plant Health Laboratories in Tasmania

Information on plant health testing facilities in Tasmania.

Plant Pests and Diseases (Aust Gov)

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manages Australia’s biosecurity system to protect from exotic plant pests.

Tasmanian Biosecurity Advisories

Biosecurity Tasmania Enews – a quarterly summary of biosecurity issues of relevance to Tasmania; alerts to any significant new disease, pest or weed risk and; advice of any significant changes to biosecurity legislation, protocols or other requirements (ie quarantine rules, animal or plant health legislation, animal welfare legislation etc)

Washdown Guidelines for Weeds and Diseases (DPIPWE)

These guidelines establish a standard for washdown and provide a guide to prescribing its application where codes of practice or other environmental management plans are not in place.