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Women in Agriculture

Provides links to information, support and communication networks for rural women, especially those interested or involved in primary industries.

Rural Women's Award

Rural Women's Award

Women in Rural and Regional Industries in Tasmania

A database to provide opportunities for individuals, industry and business to network with rural women around Tasmania, share knowledge, skills and practices and to keep up with developments and trends in their business operations.
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Australian Women in Agriculture

Australian Women in Agriculture is committed to promoting the profile of women in agriculture and is a dedicated network involved in the development of Australian primary production.

Katie Coad - 2013 Tasmanian Rural Woman of the Year

YouTube video of Katie Coad - 2013 Tasmanian Rural Woman of the Year

Office for Women (Aust Gov)

The Australian Government Office for Women (OfW) is a policy advisory unit and a division of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Rural Women's Award (RIRDC)

The RIRDC Rural Women's Award is open to all women involved in agriculture, including forestry, fisheries, natural resource management and related service industries. The Award will support women with a strong and positive vision for the future of their industry and its human resource.

Springboard Development Program

Springboard has a range of development services designed to support and facilitate new and established businesses.

Tasmanian Women in Agriculture (TWiA)

Tasmanian Women in Agriculture (TWiA) is a voluntary, non political, independent and grass roots organisation that recognises the needs and aspirations of people involved in agriculture, business and living in rural communities, in particular women and their families in Tasmania.

Women in Tasmania

Women have an important role to play in shaping social policy. Communities, Sport and Recreation Tasmania works to ensure that women can be engaged in all aspects of society and that Government policies, programs and projects are responsive to the needs of women and representative of their views