Former ABC rural journalist becomes winemaker

It's a typically crisp winter's morning in Scottsdale, in Tasmania's north east.

Perched on a ridge, overlooking lush grazing pasture and swathes of pine plantations, you'll find Cameron Wilson tending to his young vineyard, on his grandfather's farm.

It's the only one in the district  — known for its rich agricultural and forestry history — and he's pretty proud of that.

"It can work here, why not?" he said.

"It doesn't mean it's not going to be a grazing and potato area, that's fine.​

"But it can be a wine area as well." 

The winemaker who's based in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula has always had a soft spot for the island state and the people that have put it on the map for premium cool climate wines.

It was actually a previous life rural reporting at the ABC, some 15 years ago, that sparked an interest in growing grapes.

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