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Current Weather Observations Bulletin

Observation archives can be found on the BOM site, listed alphabetically in groups.

Station NameTime & Date ESTTemp
Dew Point
Rel Hum
Wind DirWind SpeedWind GustPressure
Rain since 9am
Sea State
Swell State
Butlers Gorge
Butlers Gorge05:00 AM Today6.25.394CALM0.0
Cape Bruny
Cape Bruny05:00 AM Today14.112.389NE21631011.80.0
Central North and Midlands
Cressy05:00 AM Today10.710.297SSW63740.0
Launceston05:00 AM Today12.411.192CALM0.0
Launceston Airport05:00 AM Today12.912.094SSW1161581012.00.0
Low Head05:00 AM Today15.414.393SSE1161581011.70.0
Central Plateau and Upper Derwent Valley
Bushy Park05:00 AM Today9.89.296CALM0.0
Liawenee05:00 AM Today7.17.099CALM1014.40.0
Ouse05:00 AM Today9.08.295N63741012.40.0
Dennes Point
Dennes Point05:00 AM Today14.211.785S1161371011.90.0
Dunalley05:00 AM Today16.815.290NNE63951011.90.0
East Coast
Fingal05:00 AM Today10.69.090CALM0.0
Friendly Beaches05:00 AM Today15.515.097CALM1012.10.0
Maria Island05:00 AM Today16.515.594N1581791011.90.0
Macquarie Island
Macquarie Island05:02 AM Today3.90.277WSW281552281012.92.0
Northeast Coast and Flinders Island
Eddystone Pt05:00 AM Today16.215.193S201122121011.30.0
Flinders Island05:00 AM Today8.98.899NE951161011.00.0
Hogan Is05:00 AM Today15.2E17920111011.30.0
Scottsdale05:00 AM Today10.59.594CALM1011.50.0
St Helens05:00 AM Today16.916.396S741161011.90.0
Swan Is05:00 AM Today16.916.497SE1371791011.10.0
Northwest Coast and King Island
Cape Grim05:00 AM Today16.516.097E392146251011.00.0
Devonport05:00 AM Today14.513.996S1371371012.40.0
King Is Airport05:00 AM Today14.714.7100E15818101010.80.0
Luncheon Hill05:00 AM Today14.913.893ENE181024130.0
Sheffield05:00 AM Today12.912.396WNW63951012.50.0
Smithton05:00 AM Today16.416.4100ESE15820111011.30.0
Wynyard05:00 AM Today14.113.093SSE951371011.90.0
Southeast, Huon, Channel and Lower Derwent Valley
Campania05:00 AM Today12.610.788N951160.0
Grove05:00 AM Today8.78.397N42630.0
Hobart05:00 AM Today14.110.780WNW741161012.10.0
Hobart Airport05:00 AM Today14.511.180WNW1371581012.10.0
Mt Wellington05:00 AM Today13.05.962NNW1371580.0
Tasman Is05:00 AM Today15.014.597NNE241337201012.10.0
Tunnack05:00 AM Today13.212.998WNW741161012.90.0
West Coast, South Coast and Highlands
Cape Sorell05:00 AM Today16.314.589N1371791011.70.0
Hartz Mts05:00 AM Today13.69.174W201126140.0
Low Rocky Pt05:00 AM Today14.214.099NNE1161371011.40.0
Maatsuyker Is05:00 AM Today14.611.883NNW741371011.60.0
Mount Read05:00 AM Today10.310.3100N15820111014.30.0
Scotts Peak05:00 AM Today13.19.780S1161370.0
Strahan AP05:00 AM Today15.113.892N1161581012.10.0
Warra05:00 AM Today8.68.6100CALM0.0

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