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A balanced approach to managing wild fallow deer

The State Government is ensuring a sensible and balanced approach to managing wild fallow deer.

It is maintaining strong support for recreational deer hunting, while ensuring landholders can manage the unwanted impacts of deer, and supporting deer farming as an important livestock industry.

The Government’s response to the Legislative Council inquiry into the management of wild fallow deer is based on extensive consultation with stakeholders.  It includes targeted control programs to manage unwanted deer populations in conservation reserves, including investigating opportunities for regulated recreational hunting.

Further actions include:

  • Clear guidelines to reinforce Quality Deer Management as the basis for the future management of wild fallow deer;
  • A new state-wide population census;
  • Establish a new independent Tasmanian Game Council that will advise on hunting, game management, browsing animals and deer farming;
  • Set up a new Game Services Tasmania with a primary industries focus in DPIPWE to support landholders, farmers and hunters to effectively manage deer and all issues relating to game and browsing animals;
  • Change to 5-year crop protection permits and explore further opportunities to reduce red tape to support farmers manage deer; and
  • Additional support to the deer farm industry with branding, marketing, processing opportunities and product integrity.

The Government is also considering allowing wild deer to be sold as game meat.  The new Game Council is set to advise on the feasibility of a limited trial using special permits for deer farmers and landholders to supply wild deer products for the regulated food or restaurant trade.

For more information, visit the DPIPWE website. 

(From Tasmanian Government media release -  28 November 2017)