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Tasmanian cycling champion captured in crop maze tribute

Pro cyclist Richie Porte's Tasmanian roots are being celebrated in his home territory with a crop maze.

Farmer Rowan Clark decided to pay tribute to the homegrown cycling favourite.  Mr Clark said he was a "huge fan" and had contemplated a maze tribute for several years.

"Richie is a great role model, always presents himself with spirit, courage and dignity even under enormous pressure," Mr Clark said.  "Richie is a hugely popular guy and all of Tasmania can identify with him as of the great cyclists of the world at the moment."

The four-hectare maze took eight hours to mow using a tractor and a GPS to navigate the route.

The design depicts Porte leading the peloton during a mountain stage of the Tour de France.  The maze is the fifth cut into a field of sorghum at the Hagley farm which is just up the road from Porte's hometown of Hadspen.  Previous maze projects have included a Tasmanian tiger and a map of Tasmania.

The Porte maze will be open to the public from February 24 for five weekends. 

(From ABC News - 13 February 2018) 


Tasmanian farmer Rowan Black surveys a field ahead of commencing a maze project.