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Ruralco announces water business acquisitions in Tasmania

Ruralco Holdings Limited is emerging as a key player in the nation's irrigation and water services.  It has announced new business additions, including Irrigation Tasmania, Mildura Irrigation Centre and River Rain in South Australia.

Executive general manager of water, Peter Weaver, said government funding for irrigation projects made water an attractive investment.

"Generally the Federal Government will invest in infrastructure then, on the back of that, the farmers further invest with 'post-farmgate' infrastructure such as direct irrigators to the crops," Mr Weaver said.

The Federal Government last week made $2 billion available for irrigation through the National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility.  In Tasmania, $376 million has been invested in irrigation schemes through the state government-run Tasmanian Irrigation. 

The similarly named but completely separate private organisation, Irrigation Tasmania, designs and installs on-farm irrigation systems such as the iconic pivot irrigators seen popping up all over the Tasmanian countryside.  Irrigation Tasmania, now acquired by Ruralco, will leverage off the new irrigation schemes that have been developed across the state.

(From ABC Rural - 15 February 2017)