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Secure pollination to boost farm productivity

The ‘Securing Pollination for More Productive Agriculture: Guidelines for effective pollinator management and stakeholder adoption’ project will support collaboration between Australia’s most knowledgeable bee and pollination researchers to assess the contribution of pollinators to nine Australian crops (apples pears, lucerne, almonds, canola, melons, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes), investigate re-establishing native vegetation to support pollinator food and nesting resources, and use new technologies to communicate the findings to farmers.

The agricultural sector will be represented by project partners including Lucerne Australia, Apple and Pear Growers Australia SA, Almond Board of Australia, Australian Melon Association, Australian Mango Industry Association, and Raspberries and Blackberries Australia.

Paul Blackshaw, Project Manager says the outcomes of the four year project will offer multiple benefits to a wide range of sectors.

“From securing productive agricultural environments, to improving vegetation, to future proofing against disease and pests like Varroa and boosting honey bee colonies, this project will help agricultural and horticultural producers to improve yields and rates of pollination,” Mr Blackshaw said.

(From RIRDC News - 1 August 2017)