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High tech foil for cherry cheats

Laser-cut gold stickers, plastic liners with logos, water marks and unique, single-use QR codes are making forgery more difficult in Tasmania's booming export cherry markets.

Reid Fruits backed its innovative, high-tech packaging with social media posts to alert supply chains in Asia when the genuine article became available.

Cherries labelled fraudulently as Tasmanian produce have appeared in retail outlets in Hong Kong, China and Vietnam over recent seasons.

This year they were on offer in Hong Kong and China two weeks before the start of Reid Fruits' Derwent Valley harvest.

The exporter used Facebook and Chinese social media platform, WeChat, to warn customers about the fakes.  The counterfeiters are motivated by premiums being paid for Tasmania's high-quality fruit.

The cheats not only steal sales, they put the valuable Tasmanian brand at risk by falsely labelling cherries of inferior quality that will inevitably disappoint discerning consumers.

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