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ACCC calls for more transparency and better reporting on beef markets

The beef industry is being asked by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to increase its self-regulation.

In its long awaited Cattle and Beef Market Study, the ACCC has made 15 recommendations for better transparency and reporting in the beef sector. 

The report calls for:

  • All processors and major purchasers of prime cattle to make their price grids available in a timely manner
  • Meat and Livestock Australia to improve reporting of prices throughout the whole supply chain
  • More transparent data collection and reporting of prices over the hooks and for cattle sold to the live export market
  • Standardised licensing of livestock agents
  • The introduction of carcase measurement technology and auditing of technology
  • A clear dispute resolution process for sales across the beef industry, including online, over the hooks and saleyard sales
  • A mandatory buyers' register for saleyards 

(From ABC Rural - 7 March 2017)