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Queensland Fruit Fly detections ( * updated 16 February 2018)

Ongoing surveillance has detected suspected fruit fly larvae at a property inside the eastern boundary of the Greater Devonport Control Area.

The control area boundary has been extended in accordance with national protocols and control treatment has commenced on the ground at the detection site – a kitchen garden fruit tree on a property adjacent to a commercial orchard. 

Biosecurity Tasmania general manager Lloyd Klumpp said information at this stage indicated a number of hot spot sites rather than a spreading population of Queensland fruit fly.  “Our priority is to identify where these sites are and target them specifically to eradicate fruit fly from the State and re-establish our fruit fly freedom on a statewide basis,” he said.

Investigations are continuing to try to understand the cause of the fruit fly detections.

Dr Klumpp said there was evidence that there may have been problems on mainland Australia in the supply of fruit and Biosecurity Tasmania would examine that as part of trace-back investigations.

“The community and the owners of the site where the latest detection was made have been very supportive in working with us so we can target this area and deal with the detection as quickly as possible,” he said.  “We recognise that the extension of the current control area does impact on producers and the general public and we will be working closely with them to keep them informed.”

Biosecurity Tasmania has asked the community to continue vigilance in their own gardens, being aware of possible fruit fly and reporting it to enable the authorities to target all possible areas as required.

Awareness of the control areas and the associated requirements is paramount in minimising movement of possible fruit fly during this time.

An already announced assistance package for businesses impacted by the detection of fruit fly will include the extended control area.

Reports of fruit fly can be made by contacting Biosecurity Tasmania on 6165 3774.

Control Areas​ remain in place in place on Flinders Island and a 15 kilometre radius of the Spreyton detection site. 

For further information on fruit fly in Tasmania, visit the DPIPWE website.