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Animal Diseases

Tasmania's best defence against the spread of animal and poultry diseases is for owners and those who work with animals and poultry to be able to recognise the symptoms. With all animal and poultry diseases, early diagnosis is most important. These links provide some information on various animal and poultry diseases.

Report any notifiable animal disease on the all hours emergency disease hotline: 1800 675 888. 

Detecting Liver Fluke

Sheep and cattle producers are offered free on-farm liver fluke testing during autumn.
  Links (FarmPoint is not responsible for the content of the websites linked to below. The link does not constitute any form of endorsement.)

Common White Snail in Tasmania

Latest developments and information on the White Snail outbreak that has been reported on Tasmanian properties.

LiceBoss (AWI)

LiceBoss is a computerised decision support system that helps woolgrowers estimate the probability of lice infestation, estimate the degree of wool loss and offer suggestions on available chemicals and expected residue levels.

Pest and disease outbreaks (Aust Gov)

Access to local, state and national information on responses to outbreaks of animal and plant pests and diseases.

Save the Tasmanian Devil website

The fight to save the Tasmanian Devil is collaboration between the Tasmanian Government, the University of Tasmania and other research institutions, schools, individuals and the corporate community.

Tasmanian Biosecurity Advisories

Biosecurity Tasmania Enews – a quarterly summary of biosecurity issues of relevance to Tasmania; alerts to any significant new disease, pest or weed risk and; advice of any significant changes to biosecurity legislation, protocols or other requirements (ie quarantine rules, animal or plant health legislation, animal welfare legislation etc)