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Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Act 1993 was amended on 29 July 2008. There were many changes. Most relate to increasing the powers of inspectors to take quick action to help an animal in trouble and to gather evidence for a prosecution, but they also included some changes to the rules about animal research, rodeos and the use of glue traps in rodent control.

A summary of amendments is available at http://dpipwe.tas.gov.au.  Anyone who has the responsibility for an animal should understand these changes. That includes people who are directors of a company that involves animals and people who manage other staff that work with animals.



Production of quality silage

A number of steps in the making of silage can make a big difference to the quality of the end product.
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Animal Health Australia

Animal Health Australia (AHA) is a not-for-profit public company established by the Australian, state and territory governments and major national livestock industry organisations. AHA's mission is to ensure that the national animal health system delivers a competitive advantage and preferred market access for Australia's livestock industries.

Animal Welfare Act (1993)

An Act to prevent neglect of, and cruelty to, animals, to ensure the welfare of animals, to repeal the Cruelty to Animals Prevention Act 1925 and for related purposes.

Animal Welfare and the Tasmanian Dairy Industry

The revised Dairy Welfare Guide released by DPIPWE.

Bovine Pestivirus in Tasmania

Information on Bovine Pestivirus including diagnostics, risks and management information.

Bushfire information and assistance from SheepConnect Tasmania

Links to the latest bushfire information, assistance providers and animal welfare advice prepared by SheepConnect Tasmania.


Useful information about treating flystrike in sheep. Includes longer term management options to reduce the overall risk.

Livestock Transport Welfare Standards

National welfare standards for the transport of livestock.


The RSPCA's mission iso prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

Tasmania's Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines

Contains information on the Tasmanian standards for the welfare of livestock.

Tasmanian Animal Welfare Act (1993)

Summary of the Tasmanian Animal Welfare Act (1993) and Regulations

Temple Grandin's Web Page (USA)

Information on livestock behaviour and the design of livestock facilities.

Veterinary Board of Tasmania

For the registration of veterinary surgeons, and the regulation of veterinary practice.